Recently Nova Scotia had an exciting visitor from a far away land.

This Fieldfare, a large thrush which is normally found in Europe and the UK this time of year, landed in the small village of Apple River in the yard of Blaine and Kathleen Spicer. They have been generous in opening their doors to birders from all over the continent. It has been enjoying their apple tree.

It is fortunate that the fieldfare has decided to stay in their yard - and very serendipitous that it chose the yard of knowledgeable birders so they could share the discovery! It makes me ponder how many interesting rarities are in the backyards of non-birders that go unaccounted.

Once again, an enormous thank you to Blaine and Kathleen Spicer for their wonderful hospitality to all of us birders from all over who have made the journey. They are very special folks. At the time of this writing more then 150 people have showed up at their door to see the bird, and every one of them left happy.

Bruce Stevens ( and I found ourselves in the local paper during a slightly awkward attempt to get a photograph of the bird with fewer obstructive branches. 

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